Common Problems And Quick Solutions For Malfunctioning Hunting Rangefinders

Common Problems And Quick Solutions For Malfunctioning Hunting Rangefinders

If you are a hunter and like to hunt as a way of enjoyment and relaxation, then you need to know how to take care of your equipment and gadgets.

Hunting by itself is very interesting and demanding. It is meant for people that want to feel nature and explore and feel the thrill of chasing prey. It is primarily focused on people that want to bond together and feel an adrenaline rush. They feel joy and fulfillment while they are waiting for their prey, or chasing after it. Now, as everything modern, hunting has become modernized as well. We are not just talking about rifles and firearms, but other gadgets as well. Hunters often need to conquer difficult terrains such as swamps, mountains, and rivers in order to get their trophy hunt. That is why they need to know how to operate their gadgets whilst on the go.

Rangefinders are a modern innovation and addition to the 21st-century hunter. They serve to help you calculate the distance between you and your prey. Bear in mind that when you want to get a hunting rangefinder you need to select ones with a long range. That is opposed to archery and golf rangefinders. Due to lots of types of terrain and weather alterations, you need to select the optimal rangefinder to suit your needs.


Now, as you know, a good hunter needs to take care of his equipment so it can take care of him. You need to get accustomed to your rangefinder köpa steroider and know all of its parts. A typical rangefinder consists of an objective lens, mode button, power button, eyecup, strap eyelet, battery chamber cover and a laser detector aperture. You must know these basic parts and how they operate. That is because you can see where a problem will arise if you are on the hunt. Apart from that, having basic knowledge about all of the parts helps a lot when it comes to maintaining the rangefinder and keeping it in top quality.

Common Problems With Hunting Rangefinders

The most common problems when it comes to hunting rangefinders are: faulty or no reading, blank display, water penetration and difficulty in focusing on a target. You should always have in mind that a broken or dysfunctional rangefinder is best fixed by experts and it is best to bring them to the manufacturer’s service center. However, some problems are caused by the owner’s unfamiliarity with the particular rangefinder or the model of the device itself.


Most Common Problems And Quick Solutions For Malfunctioning Hunting Rangefinders

Faulty or no reading

The first problem that is most common with hunting rangefinders is faulty or no reading. This problem is easily solvable if the problem is located in the mode. The quickest solution to this problem is to change the mode from clearing all readings on the screen to regular mode. The no reading mode is called clear screen mode and it can also be a sign that your rangefinder exteriors are blurry. If this is the case, then you can simply clean them and you will have no worries. So, if those two things don’t work, then you should check your specified rangefinder user manual for additional information for that specific model. Finally, if you don’t find the solution there, then it is time to go bring the rangefinder to the manufacturer’s service center and get it fixed.

Blank display

The next problem that is most common when it comes to hunting rangefinders is having a blank display. This is quite a common problem and it is often attributed to the owner’s unfamiliarity with the rangefinder. That might be due to a new model or certain changes in the way that the rangefinder works. The solution to this problem is a change in mode through the mode button. If this doesn’t work need to thoroughly check the user manual and see if there are any solutions for this problem presenting in the model you have. Another thing that might cause this problem is a loose connection inside the rangefinder. If you are knowledgeable in rangefinders and design overall, you can open the device and fix the problem even by yourself.

Difficulty in focusing on a target

This problem is most common in less efficient rangefinders. The root of this problem is almost always found in the lens. This is because it can get blurry and alter all of the readings presented on the rangefinder. This is why it’s key to pay close attention when you clean the lens and exteriors of your gadgets. They always need to be spotless in order to perform at their best. Apart from blurry exteriors, this problem might also be caused by weak batteries. You need to change them from time to time. You can do that by opening the battery cap and simply replace the old batteries with new ones in the battery chamber.

Water Penetration

The final problem is water penetration in the rangefinder. Rangefinders are mainly used outdoors and some of them are waterproof. However, if you have a non-waterproof rangefinder and water gets in, then you have a problem. The best thing to do when that happens is to turn it off until it gets fry. If possible, when you’re home you can blow-dry the rangefinder and leave it in a container with dry rice overnight. Dry rice grains are well known to suck out the moisture of all types of gadgets.

Updated: April 13, 2021 — 12:27 pm
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