Leica Geovid HD-B Binocular Rangefinder

Leica Geovid HD-B Binocular Rangefinder Review

Leica produced a unique and efficient rangefinderLeica Geovid HD-B Review in the Geovid HD-B model. It is an advanced long-range model complete with a multitude of features that will appeal to both the hunting and target shooting users.

The following Leica Geovid HD-B review is based on information compiled from extensive field testing along with reviews from various buyers.

Rangefinder BinocularMagnification x Obj lensClose FocusFOV @1000ydEye ReliefWeight
Leica Geovid HD-BLeica Geovid HD-BClick Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com10x42mm16.5ft342ft20mm39.4oz


  • Accuracy: The Leica Geovid HD-B is one of the most accurate rangefinder binoculars on the market. It can range distances easily over a mile, and it can return readings near its advertised distance as well.
  • Optics: The model features top-of-the-line optical quality with the innovative Perger-Porro prism system.
  • Field of View: The Geovid HD-B has an impressive field of view even at 1,000 yards.
  • Ergonomic: The dimensions and shape of the unit make it comfortable enough to avoid fatigue or cramping after prolonged use.
  • Ballistics: The model allows the user to adjust their ballistics curve for their load.
  • Automatic Adjustments: The unit can display atmospheric conditions and adjust ballistics based on them.
  • Diopter Adjustments: One small benefit of the diopter adjustments is their stiffness with click stops. It prevents them from being accidentally moved.
  • Storage: The unit accepts microSD cards that can be programmed through the Leica website to each user’s specific load. This results in more precise ballistics curves compared to preset options.


  • Cost: The Geovid HD-B may be considered on the expensive side for some, but this is a result of the premium glass used for its lenses.
  • Button Placement: The two main buttons on the unit are located next to each other, and they are identical in size. The user could easily press the menu button when attempting to range before getting used to the unit.
  • Lens Cover: The objective lens cover slips off easily and can become lost.
  • Auto-Adjusting Screen: The LED display automatically adjusts to light conditions, but this can be problematic if the user prefers to manually set the brightness.
  • Storage: A microSD card can hold only one custom curve. The card fits into a small slot that requires removal of the battery to access it. Taking the card out can be difficult for those with larger fingers, but there are tweezers provided for this purpose.


The Leica Geovid HD-B is the perfect choice for those needing accurate readings even one mile in the distance along with superb optical performance.

Optical Performance

Testing optical performance involves placing visual charts at various distances to determine acuity then determining what can be made out at each distance. The purpose is to determine how much detail can be viewed at each specific distance from the user.

The Geovid HD-B can view clearly at over 1,500 yards. This makes it one of the top performers in visual acuity compared to many of the top rangefinder binocular models. It also has one of the widest fields of view with over 300 feet at 1,000 yards. The optical quality of the Leica Geovid HD-B also helps reduce eye fatigue.

Ranging Performance

The advertised maximum range for this model is 2,000 yards, and this is significantly higher than the range listed by the newer EL Range at 1,500 yards. The Geovid model was ranged several hundred times on various targets at various distances.

The data gathered from these tests was used to compile ranging information under the ideal environmental conditions. The Leica Geovid HD-B proved to have outstanding ranging performance, and it was able to accurately read targets one mile away the majority of the time in ideal conditions.

It could read over 1,900 yards more than half the time as well. Even under very bright sunlight, it could still occasionally provide accurate readings on targets one mile away. The Leica Geovid HD-B also performed well under tricky conditions including inclines and brush around or in front of the target.

One of the most interesting aspects of this unit is the fact that it will rarely provide inaccurate readings. It will instead provide a “no read” return, but this is much better than providing a false distance like many other devices may do.

Ballistic Functions

The Geovid HD-B provides some of the most complete ballistic functions available on any rangefinder model. Most models only allow the user to choose from a few preset curves, but this is not an ideal method for those shooting long-range targets.

The unit comes with pre-programmed ballistics charts the user can use to enter one of three zero ranges to customize the ballistics curve. The Geovid HD-B also features sensors for temperature, atmospheric pressure, and incline that contribute to the ballistics engine. The model can automatically adjust itself in response to atmospheric conditions. Such factors are often overlooked in many other models, or they have to be manually programmed.

The model can make adjustments even as the temperature changes throughout the day during day-long shooting. The one drawback with the ballistic functioning is the fact that it only displays in whole numbers, and no adjustments can be made to decimal places.

Ergonomics & Design

One of the more unique aspects about the Geovid HD-B model is its design. It features curved barrels that may seem to be an esthetic feature, but they are actually functional. The model uses a Porro type of prism that does not alter the incoming light as much as a Roof-style prism.

The latter type is usually less bulky. The type of prism in this unit is more of a hybrid that combines the optical quality of the Porro prism with the compact ergonomics of the Roof prism.

The design with the open bridge design is complementary to the comfort of the hands compared to the block-shaped designs of many binoculars. The curve of the model helps facilitate gripping naturally and helps reduce fatigue when used for long periods of time.


The Geovid HD-B comes with a five-year warranty that is one of the longest provided by optics manufacturers. The warranty is not transferable, so it can only be utilized by the original owner after purchase from an authorized Leica dealer. Those looking to buy used binoculars to save on the purchase price will have to compromise warranty coverage.


The Geovid HD-B model is often compared to the Swarovski EL Range, so it can be hard for users to choose between the two. The models are priced similarly with similar features, so it may be best for buyers to choose by the brand with which they feel more comfortable.

The stand out features for this particular model are its range and customizable ballistics. These features are not available on the EL Range. >>> Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Updated: May 13, 2018 — 3:06 pm
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