Swarovski EL Range Binocular Rangefinder

Swarovski EL Range Binocular Rangefinder Review

The SwarovsSwarovski EL Range Reviewki EL Range presents direct competition to successful models from Leica and Zeiss with quality all around the board.

The EL Range is available in an 8×42 or 10×42 model, and both meet or surpass similar models in nearly all categories.

Rangefinder BinocularMagnification x Obj lensClose FocusFOV @1000ydEye ReliefWeight
Swarovski EL RangeSwarovski EL RangeClick Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com10x42mm16.5ft330ft17.3mm31.6oz


  • Angle Compensation: The EL Range features the SWARO-AIM inclinometer system that determines the angle of a shot and adjusts the distance based on the effect of gravity so that the provided distance is shorter than the true path after taking the angle into consideration.
  • Scan Mode: This mode allows the unit to detect distances to moving game to lock in even if the animal roams from the intended spot.
  • Accurate: The EL Range is one of the most accurate rangefinder binoculars on the market. It may not be as strong as competing models in other areas such as distance, but there is no denying its accuracy in reading target distances.
  • Quick: The Swarovski EL Range is quick to detect targets, range distances and return readings. This is especially helpful for competitive shooting or group hunting.


  • Controls: These binoculars provide a multitude of options, but these are all controlled by a single button on the bottom of the unit. This may be a hassle for those that are used to buttons on the top of the device or when needing to shift through many features at once.
  • Visible Rangefinder: The rangefinder can be visible in the viewfinder of the EL Range, and it may be more obvious in direct or bright light. It only takes up a small portion in one scope, so it should not be too big of a distraction.
  • Minimum Range: The minimum range extends to over 30 yards, and this could be a significant problem for bow hunters.



The Swarovski EL Range easily competes with some of the most popular rangefinder binocular models including the Zeiss Victory RF and the Leica Geovid series in terms of optics, ranging, ergonomics and price. It is a magnificently accurate machine, and it is quick to boot.

Optical Performance

The optical quality of the EL Range is superb. Details can easily be made out even at long-range targets. They are even useful in darker surroundings. It may take other models some time to adjust to lower light levels, but the EL Range makes details easy to spot even in dim conditions. Seeing enough detail is absolutely critical for long-range shooters in the farthest distances, but in low light visual clarity is even more important. Its field of view matches those of its close competitors in the Leica Geovid HD-B and Zeiss Victory RF.

Ranging Performance

The EL Range was tested several times with targets of different shapes and sizes at various distances from the device. The ranging performance was tested under ideal conditions, and the results of these tests were used to reach a comparative conclusion about the EL Range’s performance. The Swarovski EL Range surpasses the ranging abilities of both the Leica Geovid HD-BRF and Zeiss Victory RF, but still falls short of the ranging abilities of the Geovid HD-B. It is a very accurate model that returns precise distance readings even beyond 1,500 yards.

Ballistic Functions

The model’s ballistic turret allows the user to stay on the target when ranging at different distances. It also features technology to assist with the ballistic trajectory, and it is an exclusive program that indicates the correct distance based on the angle of the projected shot. The SWARO-AIM inclinometer determines the angle to a target before providing a compensated ballistic trajectory that is meant to improve accuracy each time.

Ergonomics & Design

The Swarovski EL Range has similar dimensions to models such as the Leica Geovid HD-B and Zeiss Victory RF. The EL Range even surpasses the 10×42 Geovid HD-B binoculars in terms of general ergonomics and balance. It is under 7 inches in length measuring just over 33 ounces. This model features smooth surfaces and is comfortable in the hands. It has an open bridge design that makes gripping the barrels much easier than with more bulky models.


Swarovksi provides customers with an extensive warranty, but it is non-transferable. Only those users that purchase the device from Swarovski are covered by the warranty, so buying the binoculars used will nullify any coverage. If it is not sold to the user by an authorized Swarovski dealer, the warranty is not considered legitimate to the new owner.

If the optical system is defective, the company will repair or replace the device or defective parts as long as the defect is not caused by tampering or previous repair attempts. The electronic components are covered against defects for two years after the date of purchase, and accessories are covered for one year. All other parts of the device are covered for ten years from the date of purchase.


Swarovski may have been late to enter the market of rangefinder binoculars, but they did not disappoint when they delivered.

The model still has to compete with leaders from other brands, but the benefit of entering late is the chance to learn from the competition. The EL Range is a perfect example of Swarovski’s ability to combine great optics with impressive ergonomics and stellar ranging ability.

Hopefully this Swarovski EL Range review will assist potential buyers in narrowing down their choices on the best model for their needs. >>> Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Updated: May 13, 2018 — 3:06 pm
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