How Does A Rangefinder Help On A Hunt?

How Does A Rangefinder Help On A Hunt?

When you decide to use a rangefinder for hunting you get one step closer to the success you have been dreaming of instead of returning home discouraged, simply because you misplaced your shot. Rangefinders are small and convenient devices that can be carried in your pocket, and yet these devices have the efficiency to make you eliminate the chances of error when you have to guess the yardage during a shot. Here are some ways in which a rangefinder can help you on a hunt.

rangefinder use on a hunt

Ranging Your Surroundings Before The Hunt Begins:

In this technique, you will have to reach your spot (a treestand for example), set up your equipment and devices, and then begin ranging your landmarks using the rangefinder. Since the downtime for waiting for your game is inevitable, you can use this time productively by pre-ranging all the significant terrain features.

While on the stand, you can start looking for those trees that are located at a distance of approximately 20 yards, 30 yards or even 40 yards. Using the rangefinder you need to range these trees. If you are able to locate such trees at the desired yardage, you need to commit those trees to memory. In case you already know the yardage map by heart, you don’t have to use the device when your target object is approaching, as it will increase the chances of your success. You can use this technique at times when your game tends to move quicker.

Successfully Shooting An Approaching Animal:

A rangefinder can also be efficiently used for shooting your approaching target successfully. For this method, you have to be highly skillful in terms of device usage and your movements. The following sequence can be used for locating the approaching game:

  • You spot the game (target object)
  • You then predict the game’s travel path
  • Holding the gun/bow in one hand, you grab your rangefinder to range the shooting area (anticipated)
  • Place the rangefinder back in your coat pocket

If the game follows your predicted path, then you can successfully shoot your target using the accurate range that you deducted earlier. However, if you don’t opt for pre-ranging or if your memory (subpar) is unable to retain the pre-ranged yardages, then you will not benefit from this technique.

Using Trees For Premarking Yardages:

trees for marking yardagesIn case you are permitted to make markings on the surroundings, then you can use this method for conveniently establishing yardages at the time of hunting. Based on how well you want the markings to blend with the surroundings, you can opt for colored tacks, spray paint (black), or colored ribbons. Make sure that these markings are done one month in advance (at least).

You can incorporate these techniques for marking the surroundings:

  • Stand on your marked treestand and range the surroundings for various markable objects including trees. Make sure these objects are located exactly where your yardage pins are.
  • Take the help of your friend to mark all those objects that lie at the same point as the pins, using paint, ribbons or tacks.
  • Repeat this process in all those areas that you are likely to visit for hunting your game. Don’t overdo the process if you are not comfortable with the distance.

In case you opt for colored tacks or ribbons, try to match them with the color of the pin for that particular yardage.

In case you opt for spray paint (black), it is recommended that you use dot-line method. In this method, you can spray 2 significant dots at a height on the tree located at 20 yards, and 3 dots for the tree located at 30 yards, and so on. For a tree that’s located between 20 and 30 yards, you can spray 2 dots along with 1 line to signify the additional 5 yards.

It is highly recommended that you opt for the spray paint method as it blends well with the surroundings while being easily noticed by the hunter.

Final Words:

Your success in hunting depends largely on the game. Your aim is always to hit the game’s vital parts so that you can harvest your game without inflicting unwanted pain, just because you hit a bad shot. With the help of a rangefinder, you can avoid such a situation. Also, it would help you to know that even those remarkable 3D shooters make mistakes while guessing yardages, especially when they are on trees stands. You can get rid of all guesswork using a rangefinder and the above-mentioned techniques.


Updated: July 16, 2018 — 10:06 pm
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