Common Problems and Quick Solutions For Malfunctioning Golf Rangefinders

Common Problems and Quick Solutions For Malfunctioning Golf Rangefinders


As time goes by, everything around us gets shaped by technology. Every aspect of our life has been significantly influenced by modern technology. As well as that, we want everything to be within our reach and to be easily accessible. That alone has helped humanity to break plateaus, records and improve.

When it comes to sports, particularly golfing, technology was banned for a long time. Players were forbidden to use any exterior devices that could help them to improve their score and affect their play. But, due to a change of rules, this is now history. Rangefinders are now available to be used and help you to improve your play and pick the best club for your shot.

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As vidalista 20 any means of technology, rangefinders serve a purpose and they might break or malfunction. As a rangefinder owner, it is up to you to consider learning a thing or two when it comes to quick repairs when they malfunction. This includes understanding the basic parts and the most common problems regarding rangefinders.

Basic Rangefinder Parts

Typically, rangefinders are made up of the following parts: objective lens, mode button, power button, eyecup, strap eyelet, battery chamber cover and a laser detector aperture. Knowing these basic parts of a rangefinder is a big deal when it comes to checking where a problem will arise. As well as that, knowing this is also very useful when it comes to maintaining the quality of the equipment. You must get accustomed to your gear so it can help you in return.

Most Common Rangefinder Problems

Now, the most common problems when it comes to golfing rangefinders are blank display, faulty or no reading and difficulty in focusing on a target. You should always have in mind that a broken or dysfunctional rangefinder is best fixed by experts and it is best to bring them to the manufacturer’s service center. However, some problems are caused by the owner’s unfamiliarity with the particular rangefinder or the model of the device itself. Anyway, we have spent hours and hours to find the most common problems and solutions when it comes to rangefinders.


Most common problems and quick solutions for malfunctioning golfing rangefinders

1.Blank display

The first thing that you should know when it comes to a rangefinder having a blank display is a mode change. Most of blank displays are caused by a change in the mode and you can simply check the rangefinder’s mode by pressing its mode button. However, in some cases this might not work. If that happens, the best thing to do is to thoroughly check the user manual for various mode options and transitions from one to another. Some cases have shown that a loose connection plays a major role when it comes to having a blank display. If that is the case, then it is best to bring the rangefinder to the manufacturer’s service center. But, if you are knowledgeable in design and you have the right equipment, you can open the device, spot the loose connection and fix it by yourself.

2. Faulty or no reading

The next problem that is very common when it comes to rangefinder malfunction is faulty or no reading. This is a little trickier than the previous problem. One thing may be the simple manifestation of a change in mode which clears all readings, texts and lines on the screen. This is commonly known as a clear screen mode. If this happens, you absolutely need to check the user manual that comes with the rangefinder model. The best thing can be a simple change in mode and just pressing the mode button. The second best thing is blurry exteriors which can be cleaned. Finally, if none of those things work, you need to take it to a service center due to a software malfunction.

3. Difficulty in focusing on a target

The last problem is difficulty in focusing on a specified target. This problem is most common in less efficient rangefinders and often results in faulty readings. In addition, the root of this problem is most commonly found in the lens. It can be blurry and alter the readings. That is why you need to pay attention to the device’s exteriors and keep them clean and spotless. Apart from that, this problem may be caused by weak batteries. So, the solution to this may be a simple change of batteries. You need to open the battery cap and replace the old batteries with new ones in the battery chamber.


The best fix for any sort of gadget problem is to keep it in the best condition possible. Regular cleaning and changing the batteries after a while is a necessity when it comes to operating golf rangefinders. You need to take care of your equipment and gadgets so they can care for you too.

Updated: April 20, 2021 — 8:15 am
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