Bushnell Hybrid PinSeeker Laser Rangefinder and GPS Unit

Bushnell Hybrid Laser Gps Review

The Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker reviewBushnell Hybrid combines GPS functioning with a laser rangefinder. Each unit functions well as two devices in one, but it lacks a scanning mode found in many laser devices. This would allow the user to quickly read distances to multiple objects across a landscape, such as trees, bunkers or other important areas on the green.

Luckily, the benefit of having both laser rangefinding and GPS functions in one makes the remainder of the experience much easier. The latter may provide additional information that can’t be obtained from the laser alone. The two-in-one unit is legal for tournament play. Study the Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS review in order to compare its features to those of other devices.

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Bushnell Hybrid Pin Seeker
Bushnell Hybrid Pin Seeker
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  • Double Function:The hybrid device allows for laser rangefinder use as well as GPS capability.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Unlike many other units, the Bushnell Hybrid comes with a rechargeable battery, allowing the user to save money with replacing it repeatedly.
  • Easy to Use:The device is straightforward and simple to use for faster results.


  • Basic GPS Functioning:The GPS aspect of the device used to find distances for objects other that greens cannot provide distances to clear such features. It also lacks the geographical range to operate fully in some areas, with some courses needing to be entered manually.
  • Battery Life:Many users report an exceptionally short battery life for the unit. Some need to be replaced quickly while others just fail to hold a significant charge.

Ease of Use

The vertical unit is easy to hold although it is naturally heavy and bulky, making it difficult to transport in one’s pocket. The rangefinder is operated with one simple button and the GPS function with six buttons.

The buttons are located on the bottom of the device for powering on, backlighting, moving the screen view, execution and retreating to the main menu. The buttons are on the smaller side but still easy to engage.

The GPS area of the device features a very small screen, making reading information more difficult, while the laser rangefinder offers a crisp LCD screen.


The Bushnell Hybrid Laser offers an auto-advance feature that allows the user to determine the distance to the next hole without actively doing so.

There are numerous adjustable aspects as well, including changing from yards to meters, adjusting screen contrast, the GPS distance refresh rate and automatic powering off.

PinSeeker mode identifies when multiple objects are in view and distinguishes among them, separating the target from large reflective background objects. Its GPS function comes in handy when there is no visible path to the target.

Obtaining Readings

The manufacturer claims that the Bushnell Hybrid allows distance readings ranging from 10 to 1,000 yards, with most targets falling within 600 yards.

Highly reflective objects may be ranged at the higher end. In real testing, the device can quickly and accurately find the flagstick. Above 200 yards more background objects may start to interfere with locking on.

At greater distances the device struggles to lock on, but can still manage to find targets and provide accurate readings even beyond 300 yards. The best part about the rangefinder is the speed of its PinSeeker mode, beating out many devices in its class.


The GPS function comes with lifetime course updates and a syncing membership through iGolf, resulting in no additional course fees. The final value of the device will be determined by personal needs. For a two-in-one device, the unit can be found reasonably for $400 or less.

Bushnell Hybrid Laser Gps Review – Final Thoughts

The Bushnell Hybrid Laser is a versatile device that may save users time and money. While it may not be a complete model for a GPS or laser device, the double function is still worth considering. >>> Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Updated: May 13, 2018 — 3:06 pm
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